Although it is publicly known that “Freedom ‘90” was George Michael’s commentary to his label at the time, it is also applicable to #MeToo and the increasing discrimination in the United States at large. He came out as a gay man and was a fearless champion for other recording artists to follow.  George Michael is an icon and we must remember his lessons, acknowledging how the powerful message in the lyrics of  “Freedom ‘90” confront multiple injustices in society.

I come from a family of immigrants. So much so that I would be rushing out of the house to run errands and I would hear one of the elders yell “Who’s Aaron” with a thick accent.  It made me laugh so hard.  

My grandparents, specifically on my Mom’s side, fled the rise of Communism in Russia.  It was not a choice but a necessity as my Great Grandfather was a higher up in the Czar’s military and would have been killed or tortured had they not left everything behind in search of a better life.  He took his family, left a life of privilege and ran.  They ultimately ended up in Tehran, Iran where my Mom was born.  [Read More]

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