Written By KATRINA WOOLVERTON for ZinkMagazine.com

Photo by Nathan Larimer







Music video and commercial clients comprise an exhaustive list of who’s who, and the proprietor of these visual endeavors is half the age that one would expect. Andrew Lerios, a young buck producer, is no name-dropper and is certainly industry royalty. Sitting across from this phoneme means having to guess it all; he’ll never tell unless asked, but his fashion-forward look is a dead giveaway. Andrew is the eldest son of Cory Lerios, the famed member of platinum and gold record selling band Pablo Cruise, Emmy Award winner and the writer of the theme song to BayWatch — in short, creativity runs in the family. Finishing a shoot for a project with Reebok, there is a lot that Andrew has to be excited for. Seasoning the deal a little bit more, Andrew is preparing to shoot with Ne-Yo a music video. Guilty pleasure? A fine cigar every rare once in a while. And at work, his favorite indulgence is fresh squeezed juices and an unlimited amount of sushi. ”1 cannot work 20 hours a day and survive on junk food.” A simple look at what fuels Andrew. Philymack.com