Where To Eat In Mammoth Lakes, California 1. Nevado’s- Best Restaurant #1 Foodie Pick 2. The Breakfast Club- Best Breakfast 3. Roberto’s Cafe- Best Mexican 4. Giovanni’s Pizzeria- Best Delivery 5. Convict Lake- Most Romantic Fine Dining Mammoth Mountain is one of my favorite places in the world. In the winter it is a world […]

Where To Eat In LA Best Coffee Shops in LA As a Los Angeles local I have my favorite little spots.  Born and raised in this beautiful city best known for beach weather, palm trees, and the glitz of Hollywood, there are certain foodie jaunts I can’t do without.  You don’t have to break the […]

Katrina performs the National Anthem at the Bentonville Film Festival sponsored softball game at Saddleback College featuring “Peaches” cast from “A League of Their Own” : Left to Right: Patti Pelton, Anne Ramsay ,Katrina Woolverton, Megan Cavanagh, Ann Cusack

Guitar Hero Andrew Doolitlle. Remembering our Meatloaf tour Opening for Meatloaf has been amazing and no drama. Everyone has been supportive and sweet. But there was drama before we hit the road. We (me and the team that helps me make all the millions of decisions) decided this would be the perfect time to get […]

It has been years now since the travel warning has been lifted from Mexico by the US Government, and downtown Rosarito is finally showing signs of bouncing back. Once a mecca for all ages seeking sun and fun this gorgeous destination, located just south of the border below San Diego, California, welcomes tourists with so […]

            Written By KATRINA WOOLVERTON for ZinkMagazine.com Photo by Nathan Larimer           Music video and commercial clients comprise an exhaustive list of who’s who, and the proprietor of these visual endeavors is half the age that one would expect. Andrew Lerios, a young buck producer, is […]

Splashed On The Pages of Z!NK Magazine Four of my articles made it to the pages of Z!NK Magazine’s February Issue. The particular “subjects” seem to have one thing in common- Los Angeles! As a Los Angeles girl, born and raised, being a part of a community of local musicians has thrust me into a […]

Constant travel can make healthy eating a challenge, but there are ways. Last night I approached the restaurant manager at my hotel and asked if they happened to have certain ingredients and if it wasn’t too much trouble, I had a special request. The reception was a cozy one. I’m not really a big fan […]

Looking back at 2014, the year was a time for true artistry which will leave a permanent mark in the fabric of pop music. It started with a whimsical passionate delivery in “All Of Me”. The song was bare, the lyrics raw, and the production so daringly sparse it left us all wanting for more […]

– British English vs American English – The Hourglass and Pam’s food particularly the proper English beef & Guinness pie – Grab & go from Pret A Manger – Monmouth Coffee – The Arts Club – The Tube & my Oyster Card – That a sunny day is always a pleasant surprise – History of […]

1) a loving relationship 2) a courageous Mommy 3) a sweet doggy 4) friends who are more like family 5) a beautiful house that is a home 6) going grocery shopping without worrying about the cost of the items that go in my cart 7) having the resources to donate time and funds to various […]

No matter how much I love music being away from home is NEVER easy. Luckily I have found a fantastic boutique hotel. They are so nice to me here. Long trips in a single destination at least allows for a sense of familiarity to make things feel more homey. It is 5 times now, at […]

Pink. It’s the color of love, roses, “it’s a girl,” cotton candy, my favorite color, your favorite dress, fuchsia, magenta, hot, bubble gum, baby, and our favorite singer. We wear it in our cheeks, lips, and our hearts. Some wear it on their sleeve as a symbol of another thing entirely. Hard to believe two […]

          1)Whitney Houston’s live version- Star Spangled Banner 2) Don McLean- American Pie 3) Andy Williams- Born Free 4)Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird 5) Bruce Springstein- Born In The USA 6) George Michael – Freedom 7) Mariah Carey- Hero 8) Jimi Hendrix- Live At Woodstock- Star Spangled Banner 9) Ray Charles- […]

Healthy Plate in Mexico ​As you know by now I love Mexico. When we travel to Cabo San Lucas we stay in a house which, happily for me, includes a kitchen. Cabo’s Costco in particular may be the only Costco in the world with an ocean view parking lot, including the fabulous sight of Land’s […]