Yoga Bunny- a lettuce free salad

There is a lovely young lady staying with me for the summer to intern at my sweetie’s law firm. She’s been quite pleasant to have around. Her brain works overtime without effort, her soul is older than her years, and her palate is irregularly choosey. My sweet house guest loves yoga, and hates lettuce- two […]

Summer Salad

Summer is here and that means my favorite fruits are in season. I refer to them as nature’s candy. It’s so easy to combine unexpected ingredients you have on hand to get creative with salads. Dinner time arrived and I wasn’t sure what to make. It was hot outside, and I live at the beach […]

Mexican Lettuce Cups

Happy Cinco De Mayo   Ingredients:LettuceAvocadoLime or LemonHomemade Pico De Gallo 1 White Onion1 Beefsteak Tomato1 Batch Cilantro1 Jalapeño Pepper3 tbsp Fresh Lemon or Lime Juice In celebration of Cinco De Mayo, I set out to make a new healthy recipe. Mexican flavors are spicy and bold, and this recipe is easy with just a […]

“The Quad S”

First off, do not be scared of making dressing at home. It is actually very simple. My biggest problem is I like to eye-ball measurements when I am cooking. So in order to share my recipes with all of you, I measure and write it down along the way. This time my lemon was VERY […]

Easy Asparagus

The other night I needed to start a veggie dish stovetop that would cook without much maintenance while I whipped up the other courses. Noticing I had some lonely asparagus in the fridge, out came the great green vegetable along with some garlic and one shallot. Take two cloves of garlic, clean and chop or […]

Spicy Broccoli

Buying in bulk means getting creative. Especially when you come home with a gigantic bag of broccoli florets. Once separated into smaller containers it becomes apparent just how much there is to use up. One of the ways I determine what goes in ingredient-wise is to ask myself “what’s in the fridge and pantry?” There […]

Rosemary Thyme Chicken

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​Mango Salsa Stuffed Avocados

Recent travels to Cabo San Lucas Mexico influenced my taste buds in a big way. The giant buttery avocados and tangy salsas with pungent cilantro I encountered while exploring Los Cabos stayed with me. This last week I found myself craving Mexico, both the beaches and the food. So this week’s recipe is another original […]

Roasted Red Bell Peppers

A sure fire way to eat healthy all week long is to prepare meals in advance. Sunday evenings I enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking up vegetables for the coming week. One dish I love making for the week is my original recipe for oven roasted red bell peppers. Every once in a while […]

Feta 3 Ways: 3 Easy LEFeTa Over Recipes

Feta 3 Ways: 3 Easy LEFeTa Over Recipes   Many people have never purchased an entire piece of feta. So my mission is to show you how easy it is to use up a whole lotta feta when it is LEFeTa over. Here are three quick easy recipes with ingredients you can find at pretty […]

1 Simple Salad

Katrina’s Kitchen Avocado Toast Ingredients: 1 avocado1 cucumber1 tomato1 slice feta crumbled1 tbsp olive oil1 lemon1 pinch black pepper1 toss and it’s ready I was on the phone with my Mommy the other day. She was walking to the market and trying to figure out what to make for dinner. “What do you have in […]

Mayo-Free Carrot-Ginger Slaw

Mayo-Free Carrot-Ginger Slaw   Ingredients: 1 lb bag pre-washed & chopped white cabbageor ½ head washed & chopped cabbage½ lb carrots, peeled and shredded¾ cup white balsamic vinegar1 cup raisins (un-sulfured unsweetened)3 tbsp fresh ginger peeled and chopped3 tbsp shredded coconut (un-sulfured unsweetened)3 tbsp coconut flakes (un-sulfured unsweetened)2 tsp honey Coleslaw is one of my […]

Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad   Pesto:1 1/2 basil leaves1 cup olive oil1 cup pine nuts (pignoli)Cracked black pepper5 cloves garlicSliced Coastal English cheddar Roasted Tomatoes:Olive Oil1 pound tomatoes on the vineChili flakesCracked black pepper Additional Ingredients:Mozzarella cheeseBalsamic vinegar One day I came across the most amazing caprese salad and I knew at once I would make my […]

Guilt Free Granola

Guilt Free Granola   Ingredients:3 cups oats1 cup sliced or slivered almonds1 cup sunflower seeds1/4 tsp vanilla bean powder3/4 tsp ground cinnamon3 tbsp shredded coconut1 tbsp coconut oil1/3-1/2 cup honey1 cup raisins I love granola. But every time I pick up a box and look at the ingredients I’m turned off and put it back […]

Mayo-Free Tuna Salad

Mayo-Free Tuna Salad   ​1 can tuna1 jalapeño pepper½ red onion chopped2 tsp chopped chives1 carrot peeled and shredded1 1/2 tbsp olive oil1 tsp Dijon mustard1 lemon Tuna is a healthy protein and an easy dish since you can store cans of tuna in your pantry until you are in the mood to whip up […]