Splashed On The Pages of Z!NK Magazine

Four of my articles made it to the pages of Z!NK Magazine’s February Issue. The particular “subjects” seem to have one thing in common- Los Angeles! As a Los Angeles girl, born and raised, being a part of a community of local musicians has thrust me into a social circle bursting with talent.

Kari Kimmel is big on the music scene in LA, especially when it comes to film and television. Her catchy songs and soulful voice make her a Hollywood favorite which means viewers are more familiar with her work than they realize. Jesserae Robitaille is a singer-songwriter style musician intertwining rock with flecks of a young Elvis. He has stepped away from his father’s ongoing career and legendary fame in professional hockey, choosing a different path. Jesserae’s accomplishments are creative in nature and more along the lines of his brother Steve R. McQueen Jr., best known for his role on Vampire Diaries. This perfect Boy/Girl Comparison in the “About Face” section is a must read as both Jesserae and Kari have plenty of reasons to bask in pride but instead they both reside in a state of humble sincerity.

The Combustion feature “CALL HIM BOSS- Andrew Lerios” is an enticing peek into the life of a 20 something creative executive- also the offspring of Classic Rock Royalty. Successful, educated, and understated makes his interview all the more intriguing.

On to Vaporization: Drink Review. Boa Santa Monica is one of my fave restaurants of all time and number one splurge spot in sunny Santa Monica, California. It is only fitting that this month’s drink review covers Boa’s Specialty Gimlet, and the suggested listening is a song by a Los Angeles brewed band.

There is no great surprise as to why so many songs are written about home or going home. Everyone from Tom Petty to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mammas and the Pappas to L.L. Cool J have all written songs about Los Angeles or California. I love to travel for music, meeting new people and visiting far away places, but there is something to the saying “home is where the heart is,” and for me that place is LA.

A special thank you to everyone at Z!NK. It makes me feel especially lucky to have the pleasure of sharing these articles about the place I love and the city I call home.