ETCH Restaurant – Nashville

Etch is a culinary delight, with dishes dreamily conjured up by a culinary genius- Chef Deb Paquette.

My very first visit to Etch was completely accidental. We overheard some conversation about Etch. When we came upon it on foot while exploring Nashville, and viewed the menu, wandering in seemed like the happiest accident. This is the type of dining establishment which can be booked anywhere from 2-4 weeks in advance- and is (unlike so many other impossible to get into places) so worth the hype! Let me share both my bar and dining experience at Etch:
The Bar at Etch
Leah and Amy were behind the bar tonight. The first time I dined here I sat and dined at the bar with Paul and Melia working their mixology magic. What’s funny is here we are in Nashville, a long way from Los Angeles where I was born and raised. Turns out that mixology expert Paul and I actually went to the same high school. Amazing, right?!

Mixology Cocktail- “All In Love Is Fair”
Hibiscus Syrup, Domain du Canton (a ginger liqueur with cognac), Vodka, Prosecco, Hibiscus Flower (there’s an actual flower in there), served in a champagne flute. I am not big on alcohol or sweet alcoholic beverages for that matter, but this one had a wonderful balance that made me want to sip every drop to eventually reveal the hibiscus flower in the bottom of the glass. Simply divine.

Mixology Cocktail- “Alley Cat”
Cathead Pecan Vodka, Cynar (artichoke liquor), Jack Rudy (Small Batch Grenadine) Lillet Rose wine. This too was a winner. Like I mentioned before, I am not an alcoholic beverage regular, but I am glad I decided to taste this one…. what a nice unexpected combination of flavors… and it was served in an old fashion style champagne glass. Delicious.

My next door neighbor (dining at the bar who works for the alcohol distributor for “Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon”- from “Branded Spirits”) ordered the “Mezcal” Mixology Cocktail called “Cheerful” with Los Amantes Mezcal, Deb’s Moroccan Spice Blend, Fresh Lime Juice, Pinch Of Salt, Orange peel. He said he absolutely loved his drink… I’ll have to trust him since I definitely did not need more alcohol, even just to sip!

Dining at Etch:
From what I could gather from my two dining experiences and chatting with my neighbors at the bar, everything on the menu is over the top delicious. Here are some descriptions of the items I ordered and loved.

Roasted Cauliflower- Dips: Smoked Peas, smoked over wood chips; Red bell pepper essence with roasted tomato and smoked paprika; Feta, with feta cheese and buttermilk. White truffle oil on cauliflower before and after roasting. Yumm-oh

Lamb Frites- To simplify the description, these are basically lamb stuffed egg rolls diagonally cut and bursting with tastiness.

Etch Salad- Fennel, green apple, radicchio, blue cheese, walnuts, champagne vinaigrette, orange peel. I could have devoured a double order of this!
The Trio De Setas, Grape Leaves, and Chick Peas were all amazingly delicious too, and according to my neighbors seating and dining at the bar everything on the menu is a must!

I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Deb Paquette, and what a charming being. Even after a long day of churning out the finest dining Nashville has to offer and insisting her crew call her by her first name and not “Chef” she stopped by to give me the scoop on her kitchen and a big hug. A self-described tough perfectionist, she must be quite the team builder because her team does indeed not only love but also respects her deeply and only has the kindest words towards her.

She creates the environment of a team, where anyone and everyone of her staff is happy to come in early and stay late. Although she is a self-described perfectionist all of her employees adore her as a professional and an individual.

If you visit Nashville eat at Etch. Your taste buds will thank you and you will long for the day when you can come back!