Former Work Comp Defense Attorney, Katrina Woolverton, Has New Single On iTunes And Amazon

By Lonce LaMon – September 16, 2015

Katrina Woolverton, a singer and songwriter who was a workers’ compensation defense attorney at Tobin & Lucks in the Los Angeles area less than a decade ago, just released a new single called Heatwave.   It’s a catchy dance tune that is sure to help us all get through these boiling end-of-Summer days. The timing is great!
Sweating like I’m in a heatwave
I could use some shade
Think I’m gonna faint
But the provocative truth is she’s not singing about the weather.
Suddenly you’re burning me
Things I’d do
Ditch my halo just for you!
Katrina was a child-star singer who won her category on Ed McMahon’s Star Search program in 1990.  But later destiny drove her to seek education which included law school, and then to become a criminal defense attorney, a workers’ compensation defense attorney, and also the wife of the Co-President of Stockwell, Harris, Woolverton & Muehl, George Woolverton.
Now Katrina’s come back full circle and is pursuing her singing career full on. Her latest release of Heatwave is being sold on Amazon and iTunes. It only costs $1.29!  
However, high numbers of purchases are super important because the more sales that happen on Amazon and iTunes, the more play her song gets on the radio stations.
So, start buying and play Katrina’s new song while beating this heat!   It has helped get this writer through these last scorching days.