Hot & Sweet Cherry Peppers (available at Trader Joe’s)
Soft Goat’s Cheese

Whenever we go to this one particular place for dinner they serve a nice starter cheese appetizer plate. Without fail, every time, I eat my goat’s cheese with the cherry peppers. So when I saw them on the shelf at Trader Joe’s I took home two jars!

Stuff as many or as few as you like. This recipe is a perfect appetizer for a party of any size. Take your cherry peppers and make sure they are totally drained of any excess liquid. Use a small spoon and your fingers to stuff them with a soft goat’s cheese.

I put chopped chives on one out of every three cherry peppers just for fun!! You can even sprinkle with a little paprika, or a slight pinch of chili powder on top of the cheese if you like your cherry peppers even more spicy!!